If you’ve investigated corporate wrongdoing but never considered filing a legal case, or sharing your evidence with someone who may be able to pursue judicial recourse, maybe this is the time to do so!

The resources listed below have been selected from a wide range of online guides, manuals and databases. They are meant to aid you specifically in discerning between information and evidence, identifying legal offences that may be best suited for the wrongdoing you’ve investigated and preparing strong criminal complaints against corporate actors. Rarely, though, can any of this be done without cooperating with others who can provide you with certain expertise you may be lacking. Hence, one of the categories of tools includes those developed by the CCHub NGO Partners, who have worked among them and with many others to jointly file criminal cases against corporate actors.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of all successful legal cases.

1. Corporate legal accountability tools

2. Criminal and human rights investigations

3. International criminal & humanitarian law

4. Case databases

5. Legal resources by offence