The Corporate Crimes Project, which is managed by the Business, Security and Human Rights Team at Amnesty International, aims to prevent corporate human rights abuses by holding companies to account if they cause or contribute to such abuses.

Throughout the years, the Project has worked closely with a network of investigative and litigating NGOs from around the world, current and former members of the law enforcement community, corporate accountability academic experts and others involved in the investigation and prosecution of corporate crimes linked to human rights abuses. The Project has convened international and regional retreats with members of this network to discuss how to strengthen criminal cases investigated and filed against corporate actors.

The Corporate Crimes Project at Amnesty International has conducted in-depth investigations into corporate involvement in human rights abuses with the aim of increasing the evidence available to build stronger cases against corporate actors. Some of the team’s noteworthy investigations include:

Amnesty International also advocates and campaigns on legal and policy change aimed at closing the corporate impunity gap.

The Corporate Crimes Project is managed by Montse Ferrer, Researcher and Legal Advisor of the Business, Security and Human Rights team at Amnesty International. Montse has worked in the corporate accountability space for over 10 years, first in private practice conducting internal, financial investigations into large multinationals, and subsequently in various NGOs, investigating and filing criminal cases against corporate actors involved in human rights abuses. 

The Corporate Crimes Hub was developed with the generous support of The Freedom Fund and with the help of students and faculty from the Human Rights Lab and Human Rights Litigation Clinic at the University of Minnesota, the Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic at Yale Law School and the Hillary Rodham Law School at Swansea University.

Graphics by Colin Foo.