The Corporate Crimes Hub is a collaborative project between the Corporate Crimes Project at Amnesty International and NGO partner organizations from around the world.

Despite a growing understanding of the role played by corporate actors in the commission and facilitation of human rights abuses – ranging from war crimes to environmental harms – the number of convictions against such actors remains outrageously low. Rarely does one find such an unequal contest in the fight for justice: corporate actors have access to vast resources to protect their interests – especially when faced with legal action – while NGOs and law enforcement face often insurmountable obstacles in obtaining incriminating evidence, accessing opaque and complex financial and operational data and overcoming systemic lack of political will.

The aim of the Corporate Crimes Hub is to assist in the investigation and prosecution of corporate actors by providing a range of tools to overcome some of the key challenges in building criminal cases. 

The Project

The Corporate Crimes Project, which is managed by the Business, Security and Human Rights Team at Amnesty International, aims to prevent corporate human rights abuses by holding companies to account if they cause or contribute to such abuses.
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The Experts

The Corporate Crimes Project is supported by a group of Experts who have advised the Project since its inception and provided extensive expertise on how to improve the investigation and preparation of criminal complaints filed against corporate actors across a range of jurisdictions. Experts include current and former members of national and international law enforcement authorities, academic experts and United Nations business and human rights professionals.
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The NGO Partners

Amnesty International has developed the Hub in collaboration with a number of Corporate Crimes Network NGO partners. These partners are involved in active litigation, investigation and advocacy against corporate crime.
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The Principles

The Corporate Crimes Project supported the Independent Commission of Experts for the Commerce, Crime and Human Rights Project and the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) with the publication in October 2016 of a set of 10 Principles dedicated to encouraging action by law enforcement. The Principles provide a set of practical solutions to the key challenges they face in pursuing corporate crimes cases.
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