The Corporate Crimes Hub goes live today!

Today, the Corporate Crimes Project at Amnesty International and NGO partners from around the world launch the Corporate Crimes Hub, a website dedicated to providing legal and investigatory resources to civil society organisations and members of law enforcement to encourage the investigation and prosecution of corporate crimes.

The Project aims to address business involvement in a broad range of crimes linked to human rights abuses including forced labour, war crimes, financial crimes and environmental harm.

“The Hub is launched at a time of rampant corporate impunity where the imbalance of power between businesses and those who suffer from their wrongdoing couldn’t be greater,” said Mark Dummett, Director of the Global Issues Programme at Amnesty International. “States have an obligation to stand up to rights abusing companies but all too often give the impression that they are too big to prosecute.”

Montse Ferrer, manager of the Corporate Crimes Project and Researcher/Legal Advisor of the Business, Security and Human Rights, said of the site: “The challenges facing civil society and law enforcement in investigating corporate cases are numerous. This website will provide tools to aid those who are investigating the impacts of corporate acts on human rights, against all odds and often also in the face of immense risk.”

In order to address some of these challenges, the Hub provides three main tools: (1) information on legal offences committed by corporate actors, ranging from war crimes to forced labour; (2) a Case Map listing criminal cases filed against corporate actors since 2000; and (3) a toolbox of resources for corporate investigations.

Click here for a short tutorial on how to use the Hub: